Edvard Westermarck -muistoluento Säätytalolla torstaina 24.11.

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Muistoluennon puhujana on tänä vuonna Professori Rogers Brubaker (University of California, USA) ja luennon aiheena on kansallisvaltiokeskeisyyden ja sekularismin uskonnolliset ulottuvuudet pohjois- ja länsieuroopassa.

Kutsu ja muistoluennon abstrakti ohessa englanniksi, löydät sen myös Westermarck-seuran sivuilta: Edvard Westermarck-muistoluento 2016

Muistoluento alkaa kello 18 Säätytalolla salissa 3.

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The Westermarck Society ry proudly presents Edvard Westermarck Memorial Lecture 2016 By Rogers Brubaker Title: “From Nationalism to Civilizationism? The Religio-Civilizational Dimension of Assertive Secularism in Northern and Western Europe” Time & Location: begins at 18.00 Thursday 24.11.2016 The House of the Estates, hall 3

ABSTRACT Throughout much of the world, religion manifestly and sometimes markedly informs everyday understandings, cultural representations, and political and legal definitions of nationhood. The paradox I wish to explore in this lecture is that that religion informs even assertively secular understandings and discourses of nationhood – and not simply as their evident target, but as their putative foundation. I explore this paradox, with reference to developments in Northern and Western Europe, especially in the Netherlands. Rogers Brubaker is Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he holds the UCLA Foundation Chair. He has written widely on social theory, immigration, citizenship, nationalism, ethnicity, and religion. His recent books include Ethnicity without Groups (Harvard, 2004), Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town (Princeton, 2006), Grounds for Difference (Harvard, 2015), and Trans: Gender, Race, and the Micropolitics of Identity (Princeton, 2016). Welcome!

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